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Field Trip to Morven

October 22, 2013

CATS at MorvenMorven is always a grand place to visit, especially when the weather is so cooperative.  For our October field trip, we had bright sun which made every tree stand out and show its unique qualities,  emerald green fields, and a clear and fall-blue sky.  Our guide, Cathy Clary, who worked at Morven for over a dozen years, knew the history of the plantings as well as the characteristics of each specimen tree.  We walked through the gardens, always with Cathy explaining when the trees were planted and the care needed for their remaining vibrant.

Our special treat was visiting the Japanese garden which is generally closed to the public.  We learned that a Japanese team had spent three years constructing the garden to interpret the stages of one’s life, represented by the stones, flora, path and steps.  Down and down we walked, learning about the role of the waterfalls, the pond at the lowest point of the ravine,  the placement of the stones in the water to represent ships heading to port and the significance of the island, a logical spot to review one’s life and accomplishments.  Thanks to Cathy’s interpretation, the garden took on a much deeper meaning.
–Rosanne Simon
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  1. CSC permalink
    November 22, 2013 3:38 pm

    For anyone who missed this trip, Morven will again be open for Historic Garden Week in late April 2014.

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