We have a wonderful collection of about 100 books and other print items that cover a wide range of subjects relating to trees.  Use our Online Catalog to browse or search our titles and to see if they are available or checked out.   See also our new books and electronic resources. 

  • Location:  Geology Library, Virginia Department of Forestry (VDoF), 900 Natural Resources Drive, Fontaine Research Park, Charlottesville.  Hours: 9-4:30,  Monday-Thursday.  
  •  Please sign in at DoF reception — at the DoF entrance turn right and walk down the hall to the reception desk on your right — before going to the Geology Library.   After you sign in,  head back down the hallway past the DoF and Aromas restaurant entrances to reach the Geology Library entry.  Keep left to access the small back room where the CATS locked metal book cabinet is located. 
  •  The book cabinet key is in a small black magnetic box on the back of the cabinet.  After checking out or returning books, please return the key to where you found it and be sure you to lock the cabinet.
  • Check-outs:  write your name, book title(s), and date on the clipboard log sheet located on top of the small wooden shelf next to the bookcase. Books are checked out for six weeks, but can be renewed by emailing librarian@cvilleareatreestewards.org.
  • Returns: record the check-in date on the log sheet and reshelve book(s) in its proper call number order in the cabinet.
  • Don’t forget to sign out at DoF reception before you leave the building.

Questions / Comments?
Contact CATS Librarian Anne Benham at librarian@cvilleareatreestewards.org for email or phone assistance. 

Book Donations and Purchase Requests
Email Anne.  See Library Collection Development Policy for guidance on donations and purchase requests.

Member Book Reviews
See past reviews from CATS members.  Send reviews of books about trees that you’ve particularly enjoyed reading to Anne at librarian@cvilleareatreestewards.org.