To see the library catalog record for any of the titles listed below simply copy and paste the title into the search bar in our online catalog.  See our new books as of December 2023, listed below. 

New books on the shelf
  • Forest Forensics: A Field Guide to Reading the Forested Landscape
    by Tom Wessels.  (Call Number 022A).  A pocket sized paperback, lavishly illustrated with photographs.  Though oriented to New England, this book is useful for “reading” our local Virginia woods as well.  Includes a dichotomous key to help users identify signs of Agriculture, Old Growth, Wind, and Logging in our wooded areas.

Online resources recently added to our catalog

  • Urban Tree Canopy Assessment, City of Charlottesville
    Prepared by PlanIT Geo, Inc., Arvada, Colorado, for the City of Charlottesville, 24 pages (completed January 2022).
  • Reforestation Hub from American Forests.
    “Developed in partnership with the Nature Conservancy, this online tool offers the most comprehensive reforestation data ever assembled for the United States. Users can find reforestation opportunities in their county or state and run this data through filters, including current land use and land ownership. This tool shows how many trees are needed to reforest a given piece of land and how much carbon a revived forest could store.”

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