Tree Stewards Hold Another Successful Tree Sale

Unfazed by intermittent rain from Hurricane Ian, the Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards held another successful Tree Sale on Saturday, October 1. The smooth and well-organized operation provided a total of 334 young, mostly native trees to members of the community. Every tree was purchased. Held on the grounds of the Virginia Department of Forestry’s headquarters, where CATS volunteers maintain a tree nursery, the sale offered small trees and shrubs such as American Beautyberry,  Red Osier Dogwood, and Blackhaw Viburnum; medium-sized trees such as Pagoda Dogwood, Fringe Tree and Downy Serviceberry; and large trees such as Bald Cypress, White Oak, Willow Oak and Sycamore. The Tree Stewards also offered materials for protecting newly planted trees from deer browsing and other damage from wildlife.