The CATS Photo Library is set up to store photos taken by members and to provide a valuable resource for use in CATS presentations, promotional materials, classes, and other purposes. We invite and encourage you to contribute photos you take at projects, tree sales, potting parties, and tree walks, as well as beautiful trees you may encounter while out walking in the woods or on the Notable Trees tour.

All Tree Stewards have access to the photos whenever needed to educate, illustrate, motivate and inspire ourselves and external audiences.

But for it to be a successful resource, we need your participation!  And wouldn’t you like to see your photo in CATS promotional materials or in a presentation?

Instructional guides for how to access and use the CATS Photo Library on the website are at the links below. We strongly recommend you thoroughly review the uploading and downloading guides first before adding titles, captions and keywords. Then explore the library to see the photos that have been uploaded so far and the organizational structure. This should give you a good idea of what types of photos you may wish to share and the best folder to file them in.

Links to guides for how to use the library:

Have you signed the permission waiver yet? If not, click here to sign and give Tree Stewards permission to use your photos, while you retain ownership of any you choose to share.

Want to share photos but having a problem with the website, or maybe you’re just not comfortable uploading photos to the library?  Contact us and we will gladly work with you.

Are you into photography and comfortable with Tech? Earn volunteer hours by helping us administer the Photo Library.

Thanks for helping us to make this a great resource!

    • Jackie Savage:

  Jackie Savage is the CATS site Photo Librarian and is the first person to contact with questions and requested tech help.