A member of the  Magnolia family, often referred to as a Yellow Poplar, Tulip Poplar, and Whitewood. The tallest hardwood tree in N.A, can grow to 100’. In a stand, will be very  straight and can be limb free for 60 feet on a strong single trunk. Open grown trees have pyramidal crowns when young, becoming oval in shape. Wood is used for siding, trim, crates, musical instruments, toys and furniture. Famous for Daniel Boone’s 60’ canoe. Bees make honey from the flowers and fruits provide food for squirrels.  Morel mushrooms grow best  under this tree; making it popular with mushroom hunters.


4-6” long, 4 lobed with tulip shape. Long stalks allow for fluttering in the breeze. Pale green beneath.


Light grey, smooth when young, with faint stripes and dark chevron above branches. Later develops ridges with lighter furrows.


Red brown with waxy appearance. Buds are elongated “duck bill”. Spicy odor when broken.


Fruit is oblong cone of samaras that fall apart and drop in the winter.


Showy, tulip shaped flowers, high in tree, 2-3” long in yellow-green with orange center.