Waynesboro Greenway Cage Project

On Saturday August 12, CATS and Headwaters Master Naturalists joined forces in Waynesboro to replace beaver cages around planted trees along the Greenway.   The shaded path and breeze down by the river and enthusiasm all around made for a perfect workday. We assisted over 50 trees including; river birch, willow oak, London plane trees, cherry, sycamore, and others.  

This project was the brainchild of Breyette Covington (CATS class of 2022) who lives in Waynesboro and is also Master Naturalist.    It has been a dream of hers to bring both groups together to support trees in her hometown.  Breyette worked with Tree Steward Kathy Nepote  and Stephen Black (Horticulturalist for the City of Waynesboro) to make this project become a reality.

Special thanks to Allen Ingling for tackling the “poison ivy tree”, thus protecting those of us who are so allergic. Shout out to current CATS trainee Doug Speck for joining us!   We were also joined by Diana and David Covington who proved to be valuable and joyful assistants.

This is the first collaboration between CATS and Headwaters Master Naturalists and we look forward to more adventures in the future!