Successful Spring Tree Sale!

On Saturday April 6 we held a very successful Spring Tree Sale at the Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) campus in Charlottesville where we maintain our nursery. We sold 463 trees/shrubs and had a record $5217 in sales. The funds will be used for purchasing trees for our plantings, educating the public about the value of trees and helping to finance our projects. A heartfelt thanks goes out to all our dedicated Tree Steward volunteers, the public who came out to purchase the trees and shrubs and to our faithful co-managers Phyllis and Robin.

Spring Tree Sale

Interested in planting some trees this Spring?

Stop by the Virginia Department of Forestry at 900 Natural Resources Drive in Charlottesville on April 6th at 10:00 a.m.

Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards (CATS) maintains its own tree nursery, entirely run by volunteers. We plant saplings obtained from the Virginia Department of Forestry and other sources and nurture them until they are large enough to be planted out. We concentrate on native trees, some of which are hard to find from commercial sources.

Pricing: $6, $10 & $15
SHRUBS:  Arrowwood Viburnum, Coralberry, Elderberry, Hazelnut, Oakleaf Hydrangea, Spicebush, Ninebark, Winterberry
SMALL/MEDIUM TREES: American Holly, Allegheny Serviceberry, Downy Serviceberry, Fringe Tree, Kousa Dogwood, Pagoda Dogwood, Osage Orange, Persimmon, Painted Buckeye, Red Buckeye, Redbud, Sourwood, Sweetbay Magnolia, Sweetgum, Witchazel
LARGE TREES: Bald Cypress, Catalpa, Kentuckey Coffeetree, Red Maple, River Birch, Sycamore, Swamp White Oak, White Oak, White Pine

Please note: Limit of 10 trees per customer.

Plan to get there early as we sell out fast!

CATS Volunteers Planted Over 135 Trees This Fall!

Tree Steward Volunteers have been busy this fall. During the month of November and early December, CATS members planted over 135 trees in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. 

Ronald McDonald House

After an old, declining maple tree at the Ronald McDonald House had to be removed, Executive Director Rita Ralston contacted CATS for advice on replacement and one that the leaves wouldn’t gather in the parking lot and become slippery when wet. A Bald Cypress was recommended, and Barbara White and Tim Maywalt volunteered to plant the tree. Due to a lack of funding at Ronald McDonald House it was decided that CATS could also donate the tree and include it in our Virginia Trees for Clean Water grant request.

Rita Ralston with Dave and Barbara White, Toine Wycoff and Tim Maywalt
City Tree Planting Program:

The 10th and Page area of Charlottesville is a ‘Heat Island” – much hotter than the surrounding neighborhoods with more trees.  It is also a low income and historically black area of Charlottesville. CATS provides trees to anyone who would like one and is able to care for and water the tree. 

Our program is a little different from other tree grant programs in that residents can get any tree they want. We continue to maintain contact with the neighborhood residents and are available to answer any questions or concerns.  Many of the residents are descendants of several generations who have lived in the same neighborhood.  

This fall 23 trees were planted on various private properties in this neighborhood.

This program is funded by the Caplin Foundation,  CATS donations, and a grant from ReLeaf Cville.

Lots More Tree Projects:

7 trees were planted in the parking lot of VA. Department of Forestry to replace trees that were previously deemed “diseased”.  There was a great turnout of volunteers to help with this planting, including recent graduates from the 2023 Tree Steward Class Training.

22 trees of various species were planted at Rives Park as part of our Tree Steward Training Class.

Instructors Tim Maywalt and Barbara White with class at Rives Park.

How to Transplant a Field Tree Demo This tree was from our class planting 2 years ago at Darden Towe.  It lost its leader and so it was decided that we should replace it with a more representative Tulip Tree.  We took the “defective” tree and planted in on the edge of the field out of the main public area.  And then a “better” tulip tree was planted at the original site.

The group watched the very careful work of digging out the rootball of the tree.

2 trees were planted in the median of Route 20, the Gateway, to replace trees that had died a year or more earlier.  The planting of these 2 trees restored the tree numbers from an earlier CATS planting of over 70 trees.   

40 trees and bushes were planted in the CATS Grove in McIntire Park.  This expanded the footprint of the Grove and further pushed back the invasive plants around the area. 

13 trees, both canopy and understory, were planted in a new area of Darden Towe Park.  The site is near the cricket field and little league baseball fields. 

Darden Towe Park Planting

5 Trees were planted at Chris Greene Lake Park to replace trees that did not survive the summer. They were planted in the spring of 2023.

One tree was planted in Mint Springs Lake Park in Crozet, again to replace a spring planted tree that did not survive the summer. 

Funding for the purchase of all these trees and materials was provided through grants from the Virginia Department of Forestry, as well as some private donations. 

Steve and Tony at Mint Springs on Nov. 29. Putting in a replacement Tulip tree.