CATS Nursery Now Holds 800 Trees

Wearing masks and keeping a safe distance from one another, the Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards’ potting crew went back to work on Saturday, May 23. They potted, labeled, and inventoried some 150 young trees, including swamp chestnut oaks (Quercus michauxii), eastern redbuds (Cercis canadensis), river birches (Betula nigra), and bristly locusts (Robinia hispida), among others. With these new additions, the CATS nursery on the grounds at the Virginia Department of Forestry now holds some 800 trees. In addition, the volunteers made sure the trees are protected under shade cloth and that they will receive adequate water, thanks to a new hose system and water gauge. When conditions allow, we look forward to making these trees available to the community at the next CATS tree sale.