A Training Manual for Virginia Tree Stewards (2020 edition, by chapter)
Intro and Table of Contents
Manual Unit 1  Tree Anatomy
Manual Unit 2  Tree Physiology
Manual Unit 3  Environmental Factors Affecting Trees
Manual Unit 4  Tree Identification
Manual Unit 5  Tree Selection
Manual Unit 6  Tree Planting and Care
Manual Unit 7  Tree Pruning
Manual Unit 8  Tree Problems and Diagnosis
Manual Unit 9  Invasive Species in Virginia
Manual Unit 10  Trees & People in the Community
Glossary and Website References
Tree ID Wheel Brochure
Virginia Tech Dendrology Factsheets
Common Native Trees of Virginia
Common Native Shrubs and Vines of Virginia
Oak Field Guide
Forest Succession and Wildlife
Plant Invaders of Mid-Atlantic Natural Areas  (2022)
A Field Guide for the Identification of Invasive Plants in Southern Forests (2015)
A Management Guide for Invasive Plants in Southern Forests (2015)
NC Forest Service Forest Health Handbook (2013)

2022 Virginia Forest Health Review

Web and Tech “Cheat” Sheet