Volunteers Welcome on Projects!

Tree Stewards urge you to take part in our array of community service projects, which are open to the public. Our field work includes planting trees, pruning trees, restoring woodlands, removing invasive plant threats. No previous training is necessary, but you might want to check out our educational material on the “Selection, Planting and Care tab of our website menu. All our activities are supervised by experienced Tree Stewards. Tools and equipment will be provided along with instruction on how to use them properly and safely. We will also specify what to wear, what to bring, and other particulars that will make for a great outing in our local woodlands.

Volunteers under 18 are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.

To find out about upcoming dates for volunteer opportunities
regarding planting, invasive control pruning, restoration maintenance, contact: Kathy Nepote, Projects Chairperson, at kathy@mallardloch.net

Tree Planting

Each year, Tree Stewards have planted trees throughout the City of Charlottesville and the County of Albemarle at school grounds, parks, and other public and natural areas. Volunteers who join us will learn how to prepare trees for planting, prepare holes to the correct dimensions, proper mulching once trees are in the ground and install cages to protect them from deer and foot traffic.

All of our plantings have been on public property and generally at the behest and/or approval of the City and County officials.  Our most extensive plantings are the trees in the median of Rte. 20, the Gateway Trees, and the CATS Grove in McIntire Park. PHOTOS

 We have also planted trees at Ivy Creek Nature Center, Department of Forestry at Fontaine Park, Darden Towe Park, Chris Greene Lake and Mint Springs Park.

Included in these plantings are 20 trees planted annually by students in the Tree Steward Training Class.  For the last 3 years we have also planted trees on private property in areas that the City deemed to have insufficient tree canopy. This included 2 fall plantings in the Belmont Neighborhood and plantings in 10th and Page. PHOTOS Recently, we have partnered with Habitat for Humanity to plant trees on their sites.  Besides planting trees, we also have 3 forest restoration sites: PHOTOS Greenleaf Park, Jackson Via and a site off Barracks Road on the Rivanna Trail.


Learn more [live link?] about how you can help us add new trees to our local landscapes.