Duties for the Trainee Class Contact at CATS Training Class

1. Trainee Class Contacts are asked to be the contact person for three or more students in the new class. You will be given the names and contact information for your students when registration closes. Please introduce yourself at the first class. You may also want to send an email to provide your contact information before the first or second class.

2. Try to learn what your students like to do and are skilled at to help them understand where there are opportunities in CATS that match their skills and interests. Let them know that we have many different types of opportunities including field work, potting parties, continuing education, photography, marketing, development of social media, administrative work, and more.

3. Involve them with you as a CATS member and with CATS as an organization. Consider inviting them to…

  • a project workday or committee meeting
  • CATS events such as the Fall tree sale and monthly membership meetings
  • your garden to see the trees you’ve planted
  •  join you to explore trees at the Kemper Park arboretum, Notable Tree sites, McIntire Park trails, or Shenandoah National Park.

4. Share tree books or book titles and inform them about our library (currently at VDoF).

5. Be available for questions. Find the answers together. Do not help them with the final exam, but encourage them to refer to their notes, the training manual, and other students.