Greenleaf Park, City of Charlottesville, was originally part of McIntire Park. It was created when the 250 Bypass was constructed and cut the parcel off from the rest of McIntire Park. Greenleaf Park is bordered by Rose Hill Dr. and the 250 Bypass. The park consists of a play yard and trails through the surrounding forest. One trail goes west to Walker School and the other east to Sherwood Rd. A creek runs along the trail and under the 250 Bypass and is a part of the Meadow Creek watershed. The woods consist of large deciduous canopy trees and a few pines. In 2006 the City and Tree Stewards planted about 15 trees as a riparian buffer to the existing creek. The forested area has been engulfed by English ivy, as well as bamboo, multiflora rose, and honeysuckle. Tree Stewards continue their work to reclaim the forest from these invasive species with several workdays throughout the year.

Project Leader: JoAnn Dalley