Welcome to the world of tree identification. There are many sources and methodologies, so do not be intimidated. As a beginner you don’t need to learn complicated terms, just familiarize yourself with each tree’s characteristics as a start. Here are twenty common native Virginia trees for you to begin with.

It is helpful to examine the whole tree, and then the individual parts – leaves, bark, branching, size and shape. Imagine you are asked to give a detailed description of a tree to someone who is unable to see it. Try to name as many details as possible – is the bark rough or smooth? Is the bark the same texture as your eyes travel up the trunk?

Trees can often be identified by a single characteristic – flowers, colorful foliage or distinct leaf shapes. Always remember to look up! Binoculars can be a big help.

Enjoy getting to know the amazing world of trees.

Getting to Know Trees (PDF)
This format displays each tree on a single page, including five key components, providing multiple ways to study each tree’s distinct features. 20 trees are included.


Getting to Know Trees is the work of Charlottesville Area Tree Steward Volunteers.

A special thanks to Virginia Tech Dendrology Department for allowing us the use of their photos and research.

Thanks to Ellen Powell of the Virginia Department of Forestry for  allowing us the use of the information in the Tree Identification Guide Common Native Trees of Virginia.



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