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Links suggested by our members/friends

Notable Trees. Website designed by C.A.T.S. member Robin Hanes to showcase notable trees in Charlottesville area.

Notable Trees Permission Form
Notable Trees Nomination Form
Notable Trees Owner Note

The Truth About Trees.  A documentary film series and community story project.

Bill Emory forwarded this blog from the International Oak Society Blogs page.  It describes the making of an illustrated map of Central Park, NY, identifying and listing over 19,000 trees!

DC’s trees are in the fight of their lives, about ivy removal, and a related letter, from the Washington Post, submitted by Penny Kaiserlian.

Tree Conservation Ordinance. This Word document describes the draft ordinance under discussion by the Charlottesville City Council, October 2013. Southeastern quarterly newsletter of the American Conifer Society, edited by our own Maud Henne. article about rival groups trying to restore the American chestnut, suggested by Martha Orton. Article about UVA trees, suggested by Penelope  Kaiserlian. suggested by Lorraine Green  Blue Ridge Discovery Center This very informative blog by local tree guru, Tony Russell, is recommended by Nancy Weiss.  The latest newsletter from the Virginia Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation. Robin Hanes recommends this fascinating “Top 10” list of trees from around the world. (Check out the trunk colors of #2 Rainbow Eucalyptus! RC) Carol Carter recommends this link for excellent videos on tree-related topics, like planting and pruning trees. McIntire Botanical Garden. Tree steward Sallie Brown is our primarly contact. She would be happy to answer any questions about the proposed Botanical Garden.

Montpelier Landmark Forest  Study by Tom Dierauf  Database of notable trees in the Charlottesville area

Charlottesville Tree Commission Piedmont Virginia Native Plant Database

Tree Nurseries and Arboretums in the Charlottesville Area If you want help identifying a tree, check out the beautiful photos on this site  Joan Maloof’s work protecting forests nationwide.

Tree Conservation

Virginia ranks fifth among states on 2016 Champion Trees national register


Watershed Forestry:

Tree Planting:

Stop the burning:

How trees talk to each other underground:

About Virginia’s Hampton Oak

The Hampton Oak: a story

Hampton University’s Emancipation Oak Threatened by Highway Expansion

VDOT Changes Plans To Remove Hampton Oak

Other Tree Steward Groups in VA:

Richmond Tree Stewards News and posts, Arbor Day Celebration info and archives of this annual event, newsletters, feature articles, and policies.  Tree Stewards work with the City of Richmond Urban Forest Division to plan projects, events and training classes.
Front Royal/Warren County Tree Stewards Links to the Happy Creek Arboretum project, “Ask Stewart,” local tree lore, tree talk articles, and tree links.  A member page requires a password.
Roanoke Tree Stewards Noteworthy trees of Roanoke, map for a community tree walk, spotlight on a tree steward, tree care information, a calendar and photos of past events.
Arlington/Alexandria Tree Stewards Information on all projects, a listing of all tree steward groups in VA with links to websites, tree care documents and top articles, a calendar of events, and a browse feature.


Tree Identification

VA Tech Tree ID Fact Sheets Database for trees in all states, zones, and/or regions by botanical and common name.
VA Tech Tree ID Leaf Key Search for trees in all states and zones by using a leaf key.
VA Tech Tree ID Twig Key Search for trees in all states and zones by using a twig key.
Ask Dr. Dendro Ask Dr. Dendro tree identification questions.  Attach a digital photo and information about the tree.
VA Dept of Forestry Tree Identification Click on a tree’s name from a list and access information with photos of the tree’s leaves, flowers, fruit, bark and twigs.
Arbor Day Foundation Tree ID Tree ID for Eastern and Central U.S. and Tree ID tutorial.
Silvics of Forest Trees of the U.S. Database of Vol 1-Conifers and Vol 2-Hardwoods from USDA.



Tree Selection, Planting and Care

Tree Owner’s Manual Download a copy of the USDA Forest Service publication of Tree Owner’s Manual for the Northeastern Midwestern United States.
Tree Selection International Society of Arboriculture’s “Trees Are Good” website on tree selection.
New Tree Planting International Society of Arboriculture’s “Trees Are Good” website on planting new trees.
Planting Trees Container grown vs. B&B, planting, watering, staking, mulching and fertilizing from VA Cooperative Extension.
Proper Mulching Techniques International Society of Arboriculture’s “Trees Are Good” website on benefits of and type of mulching.
24 Ways to Kill a Tree How to kill a tree and how NOT to kill a tree from VA Cooperative Extension.

Tree Disorders

Why Topping Hurts Trees International Society of Arboriculture’s “Trees Are Good” website on the definition of topping, how it stresses a tree, causes decay, and creates tree hazards.
Emerald Ash Borer Description of damage to ash trees, identification and control from VA Cooperative Extension.
Emerald Ash Borer Online Course Va Tech’s free online course on Emerald Ash Borer monitoring and management in six training modules.  Registration required.
Tree Problems and Controls VA Tech’s Integrated Pest Management Site identifies pests and diseases of trees and other plants.  Includes control measures and a Plant Problem Image Gallery.
Asian Longhorned Beetle Story of the non-native invasive pest discovered in Worcester, MA, maple trees.
Don’t Move Firewood Explains the problem of moving firewood and what can be done.  Includes a Gallery of Pests.


Tree Agencies and Organizations

VA Urban Forestry Council or Trees Virginia Promotes an awareness of urban and community trees in VA.  Tree Steward sponsorship, to include training manual.
Casey Trees A Washington, D.C. based non-profit to restore and protect the tree canopy of the Nation’s Capital using trained citizen volunteers.
Virginia Native Plant Society Information on chapter activities throughout VA, growing and conserving native wildflowers and trees, and resources.
American Chestnut Foundation Mission is to restore the American Chestnut tree to its native range within the woodlands of the eastern U.S.; information on research and breeding program.
VA Department of Forestry:  Urban Forestry Information on value of urban forests, community tree care, DoF programs, and tree information.
Virginia Cooperative Extension Publications Lists pdf publications on tree and shrub information, pruning calendar, and disorders.
National Arbor Day Foundation Information on 200 commonly planted trees, pruning guide, tree forums, “right tree, right place,” and more.  Sponsors Tree City USA.
International Society of Arboriculture Promotes the professional practice of arboriculture and fosters an awareness of the benefits of trees.