A large sized tree that can grow to 75ft. or more. A member of The Walnut Family, also known as Big-Bud Hickory, Bullnut Hickory and White Heart Hickory because of its white center and otherwise brown wood. Grows with a straight trunk and a rounded crown. Wood is used in the lumber trade. This tree can live to 500 years.


Leaves are 9-14 “ long with 7-9  leaflets. Hairy leaves are aromatic when crushed.


Bark is gray to black, ridged and furrowed.


Stout and hairy, cinnamon 3- lobed leaf scars appear “monkey faced”. Buds are long and stout.


A thick fruit husk holds  four ribbed nuts. Nut is 1 1-2”to 2”long.  Meat is sweet, edible.


Species is unisexual – male flowers are slender catkin clusters 4-6” long. Female are small in groups at end of stems.