Membership Meeting Archive

Member Meetings & Speakers 2022

Adam TaylorManager of Virginia Tech’s Catawba Sustainability Center"Environmental Stewardship for Productive Land Use in Agriculture and Forestry at Virginia Tech’s Catawba Sustainability Center"Jan. 26, 2022
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Liz SargentLiz Sargent, PLA, FASLA, LEED AP, Historical Landscape Architect"South Mountain Cultural Landscape: Hearth of Pennsylvania.This talk will consider the cultural heritage of South Mountain through the lens of trees, industry, and conservation."Feb. 23, 2022
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Adam DowningExtension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources - Forestry“Managing Backyard Woodlots”March 30, 2022
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
David HaskellProfessor of Biology at The University of the South in Sewanee. Author of The Forest Unseen: A Year's Watch in Nature and The Songs of Trees"Trees as nature's great connectors."April 27, 2022
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Stephen MatthewsAssoc. Professor, Ohio State University, School of Environment and Natural Resources"Climate Change Tree Atlas"May 18, 2022
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
CATS PicnicJune 15th at Chris Greene Lake Park
Tom Wild“Forest Ecology – why do the woods look the way they do.”July 27, 2022
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Steven Spurlock Manager of Bremo Tree NurseryThe nursery industry as it relates to the planting efforts society wide.Sept. 21, 2022
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Susan Tyler Hitchcock Nat. Geo Photographer and author of Into the ForestHearing the Message of the ForestOct. 19, 2022
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Amber EllisRiparian Restoration Director at Virginia Tech’s Catawba Sustainability CenterRiparian buffers and introduction to EcotherapyNov. 16, 2022
9:30 am
Zoom meeting

Member Meetings & Speakers 2021

Peggy Cornett Monticello’s Curator of Plants.“Historic Trees and Shrubs at Monticello and the Center for Historic Plants”Jan. 27, 2021
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Tom Wild VP of the Virginia Chapter of the American Chestnut FoundationRestoration of the American Chestnut
"TACF current activities and new directions"
Feb. 24, 2021
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Kathy NepoteTrees & WildlifeMarch 24, 2021
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Chandler Van VoorhisManaging Partner at ACRE Investment Management, and Co-Founder and Managing Partner of GreenTrees ( Genius of Nature - Van Voorhis PP PresentationApril 28, 2021
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Phil StokesFounding member of CATS and its second President, and is currently a board member/treasurer and heads up the Building and Grounds Committee at Ivy Creek Natural Area, serves on the Jefferson Chapter VNPS board, and is an active member of the Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards. Invasives Removal & Native Woodland Restoration on Stokes Farm and on Early CATS ProjectsMay 26, 2021
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Christopher D. Barton, Ph.D.University of Kentucky: Professor of Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources and the founder and President of Green Forests Work, a program to improve the environment and economy of mined landscapes. For more information visit: Green Forest WorksBringing Back the Forest: Ecological Restoration on the Monongahela National Forest, WV June 23, 2021
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Deborah Lawrence, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia. College of Arts and Sciences“The role of trees in climate change”
- Professor Lawrence will discuss the ways that trees alter climate at various scales from your backyard to the planet.

July 28, 2021
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Rob FarrellState Forester at Virginia Dept. of Forestry Tree Risk AssessmentAugust 25, 2021
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Kristin DavisSenior Attorney, Southern Environmental Law Center“SELC’s work to protect our Southern Appalachian National Forests.”September 22, 2021
9:30 am
Zoom meeting
Tim BeatleyProfessor in U.Va’s urban and environmental planning departmentSustainable and resiliency of cities to address environmental challenges.October 27, 2021
Live meeting at VDoF with Founders Celebration.

2019 and 2020 Meetings

Presenter Affiliation Topic Date
Steve Kruger Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation at Virginia Tech Medicinal Plants and Other Forest Products
Zoom meeting
Nov. 18, 2020

9:30 am

Kate LeCroy Ph.D. student in the Environmental Sciences department at the University of Virginia Pollinator Research: interspecific competition among pollinators, pollination community reproductive success, plant functional diversity, and species conservation.

Zoom meeting

Oct. 21, 2020

9:30 am

Paul Josey Wolf/Josey Landscape Architects

Past president of Cville Tree Commission

Charlottesville Tree Commission: State of the Canopy

Zoom meeting

Sept. 23, 2020
Keith Nevison Manager, Tufton Farm & Nursery Operations at Monticello What Trees Mean to Tufton Farm CANCELLED  (rescheduled for 1/27/21 as Zoom meeting) April 2020
Joshua McLaughlin Director, Crimora Nursery, VDOF Outing: Field Trip to Nursery  CANCELLED March 2020
Larry Band Professor, UVA Dept of Environmental Science Climate Change and How We Can Impact the Future Feb 2020
Katlin Mooneyham Forest Health Specialist, Virginia Dept of Forestry Common Diseases Impacting Virginia’s Trees Jan 2020
Rebecca Wilson Division of Natural Heritage, VA Dept of Conservation and Recreation The Long Leaf Pine in Virginia Nov 2019
Mike and Peggy Van Yahres Van Yahres Tree Company Outing: Field Trip to Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond Oct 2019
Joshua McLaughlin Director, Crimora Nursery, VDOF Storytelling of  Trees: Favorites, Successes, and Failures Sep 2019
Judy Dunscomb Senior Conservation Scientist, Nature Conservancy Trees are a Powerful Natural Climate Solution July 2019
Warren Byrd  Founding Principal of Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects, Outing: The Dell at UVA May 2019
Dan Mahon and Tucker Rollins Albemarle County Parks and Recreation The Biscuit Run Project April 2019
Peter Hatch Director Emeritus of Gardens and Grounds, Monticello Thomas Jefferson and Trees, and My Personal Pet Trees March 2019
Manuel Lerdau Professor of Environmental Science and Biology, UVA Biological Invasions: It’s Even Worse Than You Thought Feb 2019

Past Meetings: 2008 to 2018

Presenter Affiliation Topic Date
Wayne Bowman and George Thompson VA DoF and Pres, VA Chapter, The American Chestnut Foundation Restoration Efforts of the American Chestnut Tree Sep 2008
Maud Henne CATS & The American Conifer Society Conifers Oct 2008
Charles Becker Div of Forestland Conservation, VA DoF Wood Products and Our Forests Nov 2008
Tim Hughes Urban Forester, City of Charlottesville Q and A About City’s Urban Forestry Plan Dec 2008
Joe McCue Conservation Services Tree Tubes in Local Public Spaces Jan 2009
Sallie Brown CATS , PMG WPA Project at McIntire Park Feb 2009
Phil Stokes CATS Wildflower Walk in Key West Neighborhood* Mar 2009
Fran Boninti and Phil Stokes CATS, PMG Instead of Mulch Apr 2009
Elizabeth Mundy Acer Acres Japanese Maples* May 2009
Jason Stevens Kemper Park, Monticello Arboretum at Kemper Park* June 2009
Jean Lorber The Nature Conservancy Nature Conservancy Efforts July 2009
Josh McLaughlin VA DoF Augusta Forestry Center* Sep 2009
Helen Flamini McIntire Botanical Garden McIntire Botanical Garden Oct 2009
Michael Abbott Bartlett Trees Air Spade Demonstration Nov 2009
Peter Hatch Director of Garden and Grounds, Monticello Trees at Monticello Jan 2010
Chris Gensic Park and Trail Planner,City of Charlottesville Charlottesville’s Urban Forestry Management Plan Feb 2010
Andrea Wulf Author The Brothers Gardeners at New Dominion Bookshop* Mar 2010
Phil Stokes CATS, VA Native Plant Society Stokes Tree Farm in Greenwood* Apr 2010
Mike Santucci VA DoF Forest Conservation Specialist Wood Harvesting, Clear Cutting and Selective Cutting May 2010
Warren Byrd Senior Principal of Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects, Charlottesville Designing Botanical Gardens with an Emphasis on Trees Jun 2010
Joe Elton Director, VA State Parks Biscuit Run State Park July 2010
Dan Gregg Grelen Tree Nursery Proper Care of Young Trees Sep 2010
VA State Park Officials VA State Park Biscuit Run State Park* Oct 2010
Cathy Mayes President, VA Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation Restoration Efforts of the American Chestnut Tree Nov 2010
Peggy Cornett Curator of Plants, Monticello Monticello’s Trees and Plants Jan 2011
Mary Hughes Landscape Architect Professor, University of VA The Dell:  Plantings and Construction Feb 2011
Judy Dunscomb Senior Scientist, The Nature Conservancy Adapting to Climate Change in the Central Appalachian Forest Mar 2011
Devon Floyd President, Blue Ridge Discovery Center Hike Through the Woods of Secluded Farm * Apr 2011
C. Dwayne Jones Superintendent of Parks & Horticulture, Waynesboro Urban Tough Trees May 2011
Rob Farrell Asst Dir, Forestland Conservation, VA DoF Tree Walk at Redlands* Jun 2011
Joe Murray Asst Prof, Biology; Director, Arboretum & Arboriculture Program, Blue Ridge Community College Blue Ridge Community College Arboretum* Jul 2011
Jan Mahon Dir., Carrier Arboretum Carrier Arboretum, James Madison University in Harrisonburg* Sep 2011
Rick Helms, _______, and Nancy Weiss CATS members and forest landowners 500 Year Forest Foundation Oct 2011
Gary Fleming VA Dept of Conservation and Recreation Natural Heritage Overview of Shenandoah National Park Nov 2011
Lara Gastinger Flora of VA Project Botanical Art and Illustrations Jan 2012
Michael McConkey Edible Landscape Nut and Fruit Trees Feb 2012
Kennon Williams Landscape Architect Native Planting in Sustainable Design Mar 2012
Doug Coleman The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen Fauna, Bear, Deer, Etc.* Apr 2012
Rob Farrell Asst. Dir., Forestland Conservation, VDoF Tree Risk Management May 2012
CATS Picnic at Linda Knapp’s Jun 2012
Martha Warring VDoF Forester, Nelson Co. Jul 2012
Sandy Mudrinich Horticulture Director, Montpelier Montpelier Work Day by CATS members* Sep 2012
Margi Vaughn President, Lynchburg Tree Stewards Guided Tour of Lynchburg’s Old City Cemetery Oct 2012
Tom Dierauf Retired VDoF Forester Treasured Trees Nov 2012
Nancy Weiss CATS Member Champion Trees:  What They Are and How to Measure Them Jan 2013
Robert Llewellyn Charlottesville Photographer Creating Photos for Book Seeing Trees Feb 2013
Tim Beatley UVa Professor, Sch of Architecture Film:  “The Nature of Cities” Mar 2013
Tina MacIntyre Asst Grounds Manager, Farmington Country Club Monarch Trees of Farmington* Apr 2013
Calder Loth Architectural Historian Managing Historic Properties May 2013
CATS Picnic at Linda Knapp’s Jun 2013
Chris Gensic Planner, Charlottesville City Parks and Recreation Dept Guided Hike of Rockfish Valley Trail in Nelson County* Jul 2013
Faith Vosburgh Dir of Horticulture, Boxerwood, Lexington Boxerwood Nature Center and Woodland Garden Sep 2013
Cathy Clary Former Morven Guide, Garden Columnist Guided Tour of Morven Trees and Gardens Oct  2013
Adam Downing VCE Forestry Agent, Madison County The Woods in Your Backyard Nov 2013
1st CATS Members’ Potluck Dec 2013
Peggy Van Yahres Van Yahres Tree Company Trees and Landscaping Design on College Campuses Jan  2014
Hank Shugart Environmental Sciences Professor, UVa How the Earthquake Bird Got Its Name and Other Tales of Unbalanced Nature. Feb 2014
Weather Cancellation Mar 2014
Diane Frisbee and Chris Gensic Stream Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy; Trail Planner, Dept of Parks and Recreation, Cville Restoration Project on Meadowbrook Waterway* Apr 2014
Fred Turck VDoF Fire Prevention Dept Forest Fires May 2014
CATS Picnic at Linda Knapp’s Jun 2014
Robert Springer Safety and Training Coordinator, Bartlett Tree Experts Working on Trees at Monticello and Mount Vernon Jul 2014
Rob Farrell VDoF Deputy State Forester Questions and Answers on Tree Issues Sep 2014
Phil Stokes CATS Member Tree Nut Farm Tour* Oct 2014
W. Rex Linville Land Conservation Officer, Piedmont Environment Council Land Conservation in Albemarle County Nov 2014
Robin Hanes CATS Member Notable Trees2nd CATS Members’ Potluck Dec 2014
Dr. John M.  Skelly Virginia Tech, emeritus Effects of Ozone Exposure on Sensitive Plants Jan 2015
Sue Erhardt Casey Trees, D.C. Casey Trees Projects and Progress Feb 2015
Tom Dierauf Retired VDoF Forester History of the Forest at Ivy  Creek Mar 2015
Josh Palumbo Wintergreen Nature Foundation Trees in the Appalachian Mountains Apr 2015
Nathan Miller PVCC Choosing Correct Trees for the Landscape May 2015
CATS picnic at Linda Knapp’s Jun 2015
Matthew Brinkman Amer. Chestnut Foundation Chestnut Foundation Projects and Progress Jul 2015
Ed Yates Bremo Trees Bremo Trees outing Sep 2015
Chris Bolgiano Freelance author An Appalachian Journey: from wilderness to Wilderness Oct 2015
Henry Wilbur UVA Professor Emeritus, Botany Forest Trees, Wildflowers, and Deer in the Appalachian Forests of VA Nov 2015
CATS member potluck, videos Dec 2015
Armand and Bernice Thieblot CATS members Building a New Public Garden Around Unusual Ecosystems: The Quarry Gardens at Schuyler Jan 2016
Rescheduled for weather Feb 2016
Julia Lee Roller Manager of Parkway and Visitor Center, Monticello March 2016
Ellen Powell Conservation Education Coordinator, VDoF Shrubs and Vines of Virginia April 2016
Peggy van YahresBill Mauzy Van Yahres AssociatesPhotographer Intro on McIntyre ParkMauzy tree portfolio May 2016
Outing/picnic Quarry Gardens June 2016
Paul Josey

Andrea Terry

Charlottesville Tree Commission

Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority

Intro  “2020 for 2020”

Moore’s Creek Envir. Preservation Area

July 2016
Joe Murray Consulting Arborist and Educator Sept 2016 (evening)
Linda Fink Professor of Ecology Outing, Sweet Briar College Oct 2016
Nancy Weiss CATS member Pines of the World and of Virginia Nov 2016
Tim Maywalt CATS member Winter Tree IDHoliday Potluck Dec 2016
Steven B. Carroll Director of Public Programs, Blandy Experimental Farm Blandy Experimental Farm Jan 2017
Rod Walker PRISM Working Together to Tackle Invasive Plants Feb 2017
Ann Little Tree Fredricksburg March 2017
Sarah Francisco Southern Environmental Law Center Protecting Exceptional Woodlands within National Forests April 2017
Tom Saielli The American Chestnut Foundation May 2017
Ed Yates Bremo Trees Nursery Operations: How Trees are Planted, Cared for, Harvested, and Shipped July 2017
Meeting and Tree Walk Sept 2017
Jim Hurley PRISM Organizing Locally to Identify and Manage Invasive Plants on a Neighborhood or Community Basis Oct 2017
Sally Hurlbert Shenandoah National Park The Ecological Effects of the Rocky Mount Fire of 2016 Nov 2017
Chris Gensic Charlottesville Parks and Trails Planner Ongoing Charlottesville parks projects Jan 2018
John Scrivani The Role of Trees in Stormwater Management Feb 2018
Jill Jonnes and Florence Williams Authors Virginia Festival of the Book, Beyond the Sidewalk: Trees and Nature March 2018
John Mann Charlottesville Landscape Manager Charlottesville Public Gardens/Landscapes April 2018
Noel Richardson Spring Hill Nursery A Conversation About Trees May 2018
Mike Van Yahres and Jeremy Robinson Van Yahres Tree Company Using Technology to Assess and Inventory Trees June 2018
Robert Jennings Chesapeake Bay Foundation Work of Chesapeake Bay Foundation Sept 2018
Helen Ida Moyer CATS member Outing to Ducky Oaks Farm Oct 2018
Warren Byrd Landscape Architect Flight 93 Memorial Nov 2018