More Green in Greenleaf Park

Keeping a safe distance from one another, a dedicated band of Tree Stewards planted 200 ferns and 100 native pachysandra in Charlottesville’s Greenleaf Park on April 14. The recent spring rains have provided ideal conditions for giving the ferns a strong start.

The project was the latest round of an ongoing effort to restore a riparian area in the Meadow Creek watershed and to make it more attractive to park visitors. Over many months, volunteer crews led by Tree Stewards have removed invasive plants, improved a trail, and rolled in concrete pedestals to provide not only seating but useful information. Each pedestal is being painted with a stenciled label and illustration identifying a fern species; thus far, four have been completed.

Camille Wilson spearheads this project and thanks Toine Wyckoff, Ellen Tully, Robert Orton, Kendra Hall, Pat Punch, Kathy Nepote and Allen Ingling for taking part in the recent planting.