About the CATS Library

  • Library location:  Virginia Department of Forestry (VDoF), 900 Natural Resources Drive, Fontaine Research Park, in Charlottesville.  Use the front entrance of the building and turn right when you first enter.  Walk down the hallway and stop to sign in at the reception desk. The receptionist can direct you to Room 1130.
  • The CATS books are in Room 1130, shelved in a locked metal bookcase.  The bookcase key is in a magnetic holder on the left side of the bookcase. Please return the bookcase key to where you found it and be sure you lock the bookcase before leaving.
  • Questions or comments? Email the librarian at apbe4n@gmail.com

Books are shelved as shown below:
Shelves 1 & 2    Tree Identification and Guides; General Interest
Shelves 3 & 4    Reference; Undersize and Oversize
Shelf 5               Oversize

Check-out and Return Books:

  • Check-out: Write your name, book title(s), and date on the clipboard log sheet – clipboard is located on top of the small wooden shelf next to the metal bookcase.
  • Circulation period is 6 weeks.  Reminder notices for book returns will be emailed three days before the due date.
  • Return: Please remember to record the check-in date when you return books.  Place returned books in the small shelf unit for re-shelving.

See Online Catalog for books and electronic resources.

Book Donations and Purchase Requests
  • Please contact the librarian at apbe4n@gmail.com to offer books for donation or to suggest books for purchase.
    See Library Collection Development Policy (Nos. 4-7) for guidance on donations and purchase requests.

Please note:
The following books are missing from our library. If you have a good copy to donate, please contact the librarian.
– Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Trees: Eastern Region
– Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy

– A Natural History of Trees of Eastern and Central North America by Donald Peattie
– Illustrated Encyclopedia of Trees of the World by Tony Russell
– Heartwood: Meditations on Southern Oaks by Jelaluddin Rumi

Member Book Reviews

Members are welcome to submit reviews of books about trees that they’ve particularly enjoyed reading. Submissions will be posted for several months on the Book Reviews page. Send them to apbe4n@gmail.com.