Tree Stewards are trained community volunteers committed to promoting healthy urban and rural forests in Virginia.  Tree Stewards provide training classes, educational programs, and projects in their communities intended to increase public awareness of the value of trees while teaching about trees and tree care.  With classroom training and hands-on practice, Tree Stewards are equipped to identify trees, counsel on tree selection, demonstrate proper tree planting and follow-up care, and guide removal of invasive plants that threaten trees.

Each person taking the Tree Steward training makes a commitment to return a specific number of volunteer hours contributing to local Tree Steward projects. Each community determines the number of hours, sets the standards for volunteer work, and decides the Tree Steward projects its volunteers will undertake. Tree Steward volunteers are a positive force for change in their communities.  All Tree Steward projects are tailored to meet the needs of their communities.  There are nine Tree Steward groups in Virginia.

Particulars for the Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards

1. Take the 12 week Tree Stewards Training Class. Click here for the class CURRICULUM.
2 Earn 25 volunteer hours. Learn how you can help our organization.
3. Submit $20 Membership Dues yearly.